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Programme features

Keynote Lectures

The Keynote Lectures will be performed by senior, internationally recognized scientists, who are leaders in their disciplines. These speeches aim at outlining the state-of-the-art within every research field. A total of 17 lectures, including the opening and closing lectures, will be addressed at the Hotel Lecture Room (floor -1) and will focus on the following topics: mitochondrial metabolism, cell death signalling, networks in cells and cancer biology. 

To encourage the discussion, every talk will last 20 min. Then a 10-min period will follow for scientific debate and specific questions. Thus, the lectures will allow senior and young scientists to meet and exchange knowledge, establish new links and explore the possibilities of developing original fields of research and novel methodologies.

Selected Oral Communications

The Oral Communications, 15-min each, will be selected from the abstracts submitted by young students before October 1st, 2021. We plan having a total of 11 oral communications that will be at the Hotel Lecture Room (floor -1). These presentations will enable the selected young researchers to interact both bilaterally and publicly with the leading scientists. 

1-min Flash Presentations

All attendees will be invited to participate in the two 1-min Flash Presentation Sessions, where participants will be able to briefly present their poster using only one slide and during 1 min. Attendees must send the slide in pdf format, at least, one month before the beginning of the meeting. These sessions will be held at the Hotel Lecture Room (floor -1).

Poster-Party Sessions and Guided Poster Tour

The Poster-Party Sessions aim at promoting exchange scientific knowledge and ideas by allowing young scientists and students to present their work to a wide audience. All participants will be encouraged to propose an abstract of original recent work. Generous space and time will be allocated to poster viewing and discussion, and each poster will be on display for three days at the Hotel Looby (floor 1). To encourage the young participants to do the best in the presentation of their own research work, two prizes for the best posters will be awarded with the support of FEBS Open Bio. Then, the Organising Committee will do the selection.

Round Table and Concluding Remarks

A Round Table and a Discussion Session on Concluding Remarks are planned at the Hotel Lecture Room (floor -1). The Round Table will aim at discussing the chances to organise multilateral collaborations, joint projects and programs, e.g. using the current EU Framework Programme. The Discussion Session on Concluding Remarks will serve to inform students and discuss with them about the European grants at hand and the novel opportunities to apply for them.